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Taste, Odor, Chloramines and Chlorine reduction

Use of chloramines and chlorines to disinfect water by municipal water treatment plants is very common today. However, the use of these disinfectants leads to taste and odor issues. Also, the chloramines must be removed from water used in the production of soft drinks and fisheries.

The filter uses a special catalytically enhanced carbon media which efficiently removes the chlorine and chloramines from water. Regular granular activated carbon media has less catalytic activity which will only partially remove chloramines from water. Controlled laboratory testing provides evidence of high chloramines removal capacity of the special media used in our products.

The filter has been designed to achieve effective and efficient removal of chloramines and chlorines from water.


Heavy duty fiberglass resin tanks - Catalytically enhanced carbon media for chloramines removal - Electronic Control valve for maximum backwash - Designed for simple operation and service - ¾” Inlet/Outlet ports - Dimensions – 10″ x 55″ x 20″ - Recommended Flow Rate – 4 GPM - Maximum Water Temperature – 110° F (43° C) - Maximum Operating Pressure – 100 PSIG (689 kPa)

SIC Distribution - (403) 717-4200 - #5 2820 Centre Ave NE Calgary. AB T2A 7P5

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