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HHC Dual Pass Water Conditioning System

If your home has an extremely hard water supply (>45gpg), you know the importance of protecting your home from hard water damage. You also know that most conventional water softeners have trouble handling these extreme conditions.

The HHC Dual Pass Water Conditioning System was engineered specifically for handling extreme hard water applications. The first tank acts as a workhorse, significantly reducing hardness. The second tank acts as a ‘polisher’. It prevents hardness ‘slippage’ common in single tank systems and the extreme hardness conditions overpower the system.

The second tank also increases the amount of contact time with the conditioner resin, providing softer, more consistent water quality


Exclusive NSF Certified electronic control valve

Two tank system provides softer, more consistent water quality and

reduces hardness slippage or channeling which can occur in single

tank systems

Perfect for high hardness (typically > 45 gpg) residential and light

commercial applications such as boiler feed systems

More cost effective than larger single tank systems

Soft water brine tank refill keeps system clean

NSF Certified pressure tank

WQA Gold Seal Certified cation resin

Brine safety valve provides added overflow protection

Plastic salt grid prevents bridging

48 hour self charging battery back-up

Includes one-piece bypass integrated meter

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