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Advanced 7 Stage Water Filtration System

Water comes from all types of sources and water quality is not always guaranteed. There are many harmful impurities that could be in your water. An easy way to protect your family’s drinking water is to install an advanced 7 Stage Water System in your home. This system is plumbed right into your water lines, so the water you get out of your new tap has been filtered!

                                               STAGE 1

Sediment Filter

Removes suspended particles in water such as dirt or sediment. Reduces the particles 8 times smaller than the naked eye can see.


5 Micron Sediment Filter, 10" Length

                                                STAGE 2

Granular Activated Carbon Filter

Removes chlorine from the water to protect TFC membrane.


10 Micron GAC Filter, 10'' Length

                                                  STAGE 3

Carbon Block Filter

Removes taste and odor from water.


5 Micron Carbon Block Filter, 10" Length

                               STAGE 4

TFC Membrane

Removes TDS from water.


100 TFC* GPD Membrane, 10" Length

                               STAGE 5

Ceramic Filter

Removes dine dirt particles from the water. This provides an added particulate reduction to 0.5 micron.


0.5 Micron Ceramic Filter, 10" Length

                                STAGE 6

pH Boost Filter

Increase pH of water. Adds minerals to improve the flavour of water so it is not "flat tasting."


pH Boost Filter, 10" Length

                                 STAGE 7

Carbon Block Filter

Removes taste and odor from water.


5 Micron Carbon Block Filter, 10" Length


Compact Design which easily fits under the sink cabinet

Unique Style 7 Stage Filtration that reduces Total Dissolved Solids (TDS), odor and taste from the water

Reverse Osmosis Technology

Designer Air Gap Faucet

3.8 Gallon Water Storage Tank

Quick Connect Fittings for ease of installation

High Capacity 7 stage filters

High Structural Integrity of the device components

Limited Lifetime Warranty – refer to owners manual for more information


Reduces or removes the following impurities that could be in your water:

Particulate matter (silt, sand, scale, rust, turbidity)

Colloidal Matter (extremely fine suspended solids)

Total Dissolved Solids (calcium, magnesium, bicarbonates, sulfate, chloride)

Toxic / Inorganic Contaminants (mercury, arsenic)

Radioactive Elements (barium, radium)

Microorganisms (parasites, cryptosporidium, glardia, viruses ,pyrogens, cysts)



Pesticides and Herbicides

Heavy Organic Molecules (fructose, lactose, protein, dyes, formaldehyde)

Conditions For Use

SIC Distribution - (403) 717-4200 - #5 2820 Centre Ave NE Calgary. AB T2A 7P5

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