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What our Customers are saying!

I 100% recommend Star Industries to all my friends and family!! I currently have both the Conditioner and the Water purifier, the furnace air system and UV. My son has always struggled with allergies and asthma. The furnace system has changed his life completely!! I am forever grateful for this company, and I can't even begin to express my amazement!!!! It was worth every single penny spent!! My grandma has an air system as well and she used to have so many difficulties with the air quality in her house. She has so much energy and life in her! The water in my house is absolutely amazing! My family tells me the food tastes better, thanks Star Industries for giving me the opportunity to create such a healthy happy home!!!! 5 STARS!!!!

Karen P. - 07/2018

Great customer service. Amazing products. Definitely worth the money expecially with the warranties they offer

Samantha P. -  02/2018

Fabulous products & service - amazing home demonstration, well worth your time, a real eye opener. The quality of their products greatly increases one's quality of life -- from laundry to bathing to cooking to cleaning. So glad they found me, I will never be without Star Water.

Shelagh R. - 09/2017

Amazing system , awesome products, the best water I've ever had, doing Renos & been without it for a month & totally miss it !!! Nothing compares to this system !!

Troylene H. - 05/2017

So, if you're thinking about getting a system set up, call Dave. Amazing customer service, great guy, super product. Happy to give my money to a local business employong stellar people.

Robert D. - 04/2017

My boyfriend and I were recommended this product by a friend who has the full water system at her house and she absolutely loves it. We had demo done in our home and realized that we were spending around $60/month on bottled water and a zero water filter, so this was a much cheaper and better quality option for us. We live in a condo so we could only get the drinking water not the conditioner, but we are planning to move in the future and they gave us a free move for our unit and told us if we decided to also get the conditioner we would be able to get a discount! We are really happy with the product and service. Would recommend to all my friends and family!

Karalee Y. - 03/2017

Excellent company and great service! My psoriasis is gone since we switched from hard water. What sold me was their great salesmanship and the demo showing how much chlorine is in the city's water, it's truly unbelievable what we were drinking and showering with before we switched and I will never go back!

Chantel F. - 03/2017

Great company and even better service!! We love our new drinking water. It tastes amazing and it gives us peace of mind knowing it's filtered and healthy, never drinking bottled water again! Thank you so much Dave Burns for helping us with this, you're really fantastic at what you do! Will highly recommend your services to our friends and family.

Logan W. - 03/2017

We bought our system from Star Water 3 Years ago. I absolutely LOVE it, the rep was very kind and honest about our concerns. I have had issues with my skin my whole life, after getting the system I have noticed an extreme difference. They call me every year for my service. We had to call them once to have the conditioner adjusted while we had someone staying in our basement since it's loud when it cleans, he returned a few weeks later to reset it. I recommend them to all my friends and family!

Christina B. - 03/2017

We have had the system for close to a month and love it. We had a different system before and thought it was good, until we started using this system. Another favorite of ours is the drinking filtration system. We drink mostly water and can definitely tell a difference.

Ali C. - 03/2017

Such an easy and honest company to work with! I was skeptical in the beginning but I wouldn't trade my system for the world! I know the water I am drinking is safe and pure! 5 stars!

Britt H. - 03/2017

Totally love this system Dave was fabulous would seriously recommend this company and Dave to all my friends and family!

Tina H. - 03/2017

I would like to say Star Industries has been wonderful and efficient with all the parts I have needed for a Respir-aide machine. Justin is who I deal with and he is fantastic. He came to Airdrie and pick up the machine at my 89 yr. old mothers place to check out and service the machine and then delivered it back himself and explained how to clean and maintain it from people that smoke a lot. Called yesterday my brother had cleaned the respir-aide and when he put it back together it was making some crackling noise so Justin stop by this morning and quickly told us how to fix. So thank you very much for your outstanding performances.

Arlene A. - 02/2017

I bought a water system from Star Water/Star Industries and I LOVE IT! A very nice salesman came to my home and showed us the difference between tap, bottled and soft filtered water. He got us really involved in the demo and let us taste the difference in the waters. I myself suffer with really bad psoriasis and after having the system for only a month it had almost completely gone away and I have not had a single flair up since I have had the system. This year we were due to have our filters changed since its just my husband and I we only needed it done after 18 months instead of the recommended year. They called us at a year had someone come out ans tell us we were good for another 6 months. So they called us again 6 months later and sent someone to replace the filters. The Product is great! The service is great! and the tech and sales rep was great!!!!

Christina M. - 03/2016

SIC Distribution - (403) 717-4200 - #5 2820 Centre Ave NE Calgary. AB T2A 7P5

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