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The Whole Home Permanent Electrostatic Furnace Air Filter

Protect your home and your family with the only Electrostatic Furnace Air filter on the market that is manufactured in Canada. Your family can breathe easy knowing that a RPS Electrostatic filter represents an excellent value, delivering optimal protection for your air filtration needs at a very reasonable price.

Benefits of using an Electrostatic Air Filter

Maintain the cleanest indoor air in your home

 Improves efficiency and lowers your heating

and cooling cost

 Removes harmful dust, pollen, dust mites, mold

and dander

 Less housecleaning

 No Electricity required

 Easy to use and No harmful ozone emissions


Heavy-Duty custom extruded anodized color

aluminum frame

 Non-toxic plastic strap for easy access

 Fast drying design when washing

Removes all pollutants with 96.5% arrestance

You save money – one time purchase

 Environmentally friendly and washable

Limited Lifetime Warranty


Peak Arrestance 96.5% Initial Resistance .

018w.g Dust Hosting Capacity 165g

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